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Luxury Overnight Resort For Your Dog

You’re not the only one who gets to go on vacation.

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Who’s going to spoil your dog when you’re away? That’s OUR job.​

  • Enrichment/sensory stimulation activities every 2 hours

  • 24-hour attendant

  • A “biscuit bar” with couches, TV, and staff companionship

  • Check-in any time on our 24-hour webcam

  • Arts and crafts

  • Themed rooms (Pittsburgh Steelers, Alice in Wonderland, etc.)

  • A bone on their pillow every night

About Me

meet our companions


Katie Costello, Owner

The Canine Campus and The Bed & Biscuit Inn

RVT - Registered Veterinarian Tech
CPDT-KA - Certified Professional Dog Trainer (Knowledge Assessed)
ACDBC - Associate Certified Dog Behavior Consultant
CGC Evaluator - AKC Canine Good Citizen

For Katie's full bio, click here.


Hi, I'm Kasey! I went to school at Penn Foster Online College for dog grooming. I have three doggies - Josie, Shaggy, and Rocky. I live in Sharon with my husband Raymond and our son Dash. I have been passionate about dogs for as long as I can remember. I've always gone above and beyond for any dog. I love cutting hair, and I love dogs. So what better for me than to be a dog groomer!

Kasey, Groomer

image001 (3).jpg

Hello Friends and Paw lovers. I'm Erika Hall. I am the Suites Inn Attendant at the New Bed n Biscuit Resort in Howland. My love for animals started at a young age and still continues. I had the pleasure working on a farm for most of my life. I took care of many,

surrendered, abused and handicapped  animals. From farm animals, Cats and Canines. You will find me and my Husband spoiling our Morkie Sophie and our potbelly pig Bacon.

I look forward in spoiling your fur babies. When your away you can trust in me to make your pets stay enjoyable and stress free.

Erica Hall, Suites Inn Attendant

image001 (4).jpg

Kendra Holloway is a student at Geneva College who studies hard at school just see her dogs greet her after a long day. In addition to loving dogs, Kendra loves to spend time with her family, sew dog accessories, and participate in activities at NorthMar Church.

Kendra Holloway, Suites Inn Attendant


Kelsey Courtwright

I am currently taking the Train the Trainer class with Katie. I volunteered at the humane society for many years and have also been doing dog walking and dog sitting for a few years. My love of animals started at a very young age and when I was four my parents took me to pick out a puppy. I decided on a German Shepherd/Beagle mix, Sassy. I enjoyed 16 years with her. She is where I got my love for German Shepherds. She is also the reason I began to love working with and training dogs. 


In middle school I would get dog encyclopedias and study dog breeds. I would also go around and teach family members dogs basic obedience. 

In 2017, I got a German Shepherd, Josie. We have done puppy and obedience classes along with the many things I taught her on my own. Our most recent classes at The Canine Campus were Resource Guarding and private lessons. Through these I became extremely interested in learning as much as I can about dog behavior and training. 

In 2017, I began fostering kittens through a local rescue and over the last two years fostered over 20 kittens. I fell in love with four brothers that came to me extremely sick, and after two got adopted I ended up "foster failing" Charlie and Blue in September of 2019. 

In October of 2020, I adopted a pit bull/chow mix, Nash. We have been enjoying our classes at The Canine Campus and our ultimate goal is for him to become a therapy dog. 


Kelley Summerfield, CGC

Kelley has been an avid dog lover for as long as she can remember and she has also owned dogs for most of her life. Saving, helping, and being the voice of the voiceless has been a passion of Kelley’s for many years. She has spent countless hours volunteering in shelters and with rescue organizations, in hopes to give dogs a second chance. Kelley is currently completing an internship with Katie Costello at The Canine Campus. Kelley has peaked an interest in canine behavior and training, impacting her decision to become a dog trainer. 

Kelley currently lives in Vienna with her husband Rodney, and their two dogs, Apollo (2), and Alister (8 months). Apollo and Alister have attended classes with Kelley at The Canine Campus including, Basic Obedience, Impulse Control, and Canine Good Citizen. Apollo has passed his Canine Good Citizen and his Therapy Dog Certification.


Kelley and Apollo enjoy working as a team and brightening people’s day! Kelley and Alister are currently discovering things they enjoy doing together as well!! 

If the weather is nice, you will find Kelley and her dogs riding around in her Jeep! Sunshine, Rottweilers and Jeeps are some of Kelley’s favorite things!!

Kelley looks forward to meeting you and your canine soon!

image001 (5).jpg

Hello! My name is Mike, and am employed at the Canine Campus in Howland. I enjoy sports, traveling, and spending time with my friends. I attended Youngstown State University with a goal of obtaining a degree in Early Primary/ Special Education!  

Mike, Suites Inn Attendant

Hi! I’m Destiny. I am 25 years old. I have a Saint Bernard/Belgian Malinois named Kenai. I absolutely love animals and am so excited to play with your fur babies!

Destiny, Suites Inn Attendant


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